Slots Codes

We all know that to play in MyVegas slots you need a looot of chips. You can get them by spending your own money, borrowing from friends, winning in previous games or generate them ( with our script). There are also ways to get them by simply following some of the rules..

What are these so called slots codes?

You can get them easily by following steps which we prepared for you. These are the pack of the simple rules which will generate you free chips and you will be able to invest them in the next games. You can always profit by winning games but when you will feel that you can’t spend a lot more dollars on new chips – get back to use and use our myvegas slots codes. They have been tested by our beta-testers and are 100% compatible with all operating systems.

What should I do to get these codes?

It is easy – follow the instructions below. Go to the download page, complete the simple anty-spam-bot survey and download it on your computer. Remember to use them wisely and use them 1-3x per day. We all do not want to be on the radar of MyVegas support.

I do not use computer. Can I get them on my mobile?

Yes we have created also a mobile version of this codes. Please visit this page to download mobile version. It is working with iOS/Andoird/Tablet/iPhone etc.

Good luck and if you have any more questions or problems, feel free to contact our support.


3 thoughts on “Slots Codes

  1. I’m getting frustrated with the reward menu now that I accumlated million of point their nothing to buy , they use to have many cirque soleil and dinner for 2 the one i want is the maverick helecupter to grand cannon but has not been available for months when to they recharge them or put new award doesn’t what time of day I look nothing changes sold out is all I see. Is it because I have the point to buy them does everyone see the sold out sign on these rewards

  2. The past few months I have spent $500 A MONTH (give or take a few)…Tell me, do you sleep better at night ripping people off? Taking more than 4 days to get TWO pieces to complete a quest? Do you think that’s fair?
    I spent $200 trying to get TWO pieces to complete the last quest for THREE days…and still did not get the last TWO pieces!
    When people purchase items you should at least have the decency to tell them they can SPEND AS MUCH AS THEY CAN THEY STILL Won’t COMPLETE the challenge…its just a way for you to lure people into spending money to complete challenges that are IMPOSSIBLE!
    NOT THAT YOU CARE, BUT AT LEAST I TRIED and raised my voice, YOU WANT TO KEEP SCAMMING PEOPLE, I GUESS THATS YOUR CHOICE…..I bet you voted for trump too!!!!

    free chips codes
    free chips codes
    free chips codes

    YOU’RE A BUNCH OF GREEDY good for nothing, manipulating scamming(probably trump supporting) scammers)!!
    Thanks for 1.7 million in points (spent over $1k to get) I can’t even use because your rewards page is CRAP, always sold out, nothing new …..probably like your dreams. MyVegas, nothing but scammers…you cant even come up with better replies, its always the same.
    “I’m very sorry for the frustration the quest caused. We agree that it should be fun! We’ll be sure to share your feedback with the team so we can work to improve the next one.”
    with all the money “fans” spend you would think you could at least afford a new reply!!

  3. Why do you even bother sending chips in emails when they NEVER work??? I tried yesterday’s link at least 10 times and nothing, no 75,000 chips. Also, it used to be 100,000, so why so cheap now? It’s bad enough you reduced the amount I get every 4 hours… with no warning… I used to get 300,000 every 4 hours and now I get 260,000. Which is gone in about 3 minutes, even betting low, anymore.

    I really need some help on some quick little questions regarding claiming rewards etc

    Anybody out there who can help me, please would be very much appreciated!


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