MyVegas Slots Strategy Guide

Playing MyVegas to win the free trips dine and for the freebies? Then just make a strategy before starting the game. Loyalty point’s returns should be maximized in order to win Las Vegas trips. Let me tell you that if you think winning free chips is enough to win Las Vegas trips or dine coupon, then  you are wrong, My friend. Only the gold Loyalty coins can earn you the rewards.


There are a number of slot games in Myvegas each having a unique theme. Each and every specific game gives a return of maximum loyalty points for the least number of chips. The perfect strategies for playing MyVegas slot games is spin efficiently and spend the minimum.

You should only spend to earn loyalty points as much as possible. Be attentive towards the chips which are being automatically loaded when you enter the game. The default bet does not always reflect the perfect Myvegas strategy as it is only related to the chip stack.

First, let’s start with which game to play first?

Each and every slot games designed in MyVegas is different. Though the chip values are different in all spins, and there are some Loyalty points that may not even give you rewards. I will recommend you to follow the guide. A chart is provided that will explain to you which slot game to play at which level. This chart or guide can earn you the most loyalty points in exchange for fewer chips. If you think that being the highest roller and breaking the records on the wheel can be fun, you are wrong as you don’t earn any loyalty points. You must focus on earning Loyalty points.  This loyalty points can only turn into you MyVegas real world reward. From my point of view, I will suggest you play within a limit of 1000 chips per spin provided if you are playing for winning real reward.

Secondly, you must be curious to know that is every time is suitable to play a MyVegas slot games?

My answer is a big no. MyVegas slot games are not about only spinning the wheel by taking the chips. Bonuses are also an important word in these games. A good gamer should always wait for the bonuses. These bonuses appear once in a week or maybe more sometimes. If you are a regular gamer then you must have heard the bonus terms like Double XP, Happy Hours or Level Up bonuses. Let me start with Double XP.

These bonuses come in the weekends and give you the ultimate free chips. Please Keep a watch at the theme bonus that comes once in a month. This bonus gives you the opportunity to play game cards where you can go for more free chips. Gather all your chips and play them in these bonuses you can really earn a great deal in this. If you want you can also download slots codes here.

Though I suggest keeping a watch at these bonuses but don’t miss the guide.

You can earn more loyalty points by spending the fewer amounts of chips.

So, Good Luck, Guys. I definitely hope that this strategy can help you to win your real world gifts.

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  1. Not sure what is going on with this app but as soon as I push on it to play the game on my phone, it instantly shuts me out right after I tap on my app to play the game. This has been going on for a week I can’t even play it on Facebook it just shuts me out, and doesn’t send notifications anymore. What is the deal???

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