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Are you fond of slot machine games? Yes…. Then you must have played the recent MyVegas, a game that has gained wide popularity through Facebook. MGM group of hotels with their partners such as in Monte Carlo, MGM, Luxor, Excalibur, Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Mirage and New York have developed this slot machine game. Mainly in other slot machine game, the rewards are given in terms of virtual money but as for MyVegas, the gamers receive real life gifts. The gifts may include a trip to Los Vegas or dine in coupon or even freebies. These gifts can turn into a remarkable memory of your life.

Let’s say something about the game. I would like to say that it is a pack of five types of games. Each of these five types has subcategory or sub-games under it. Each game is extraordinary with the excellent theme of the presentation. Now if we brief on the five types of games, namely they are;

  1. Facebook slots
  2. Mobile slots
  3. Blackjack
  4. My Konami Slots
  5. POP! Slots

If you want to earn a free trips or freebies, then you need to earn points as well as Loyalty points. These experience points help you to earn playing chips and Loyalty points help you to earn your rewards.

If you are a regular player then you must be acquainted with MyVegas Cheats. For those who are new to the term, allow me to give a short description. MyVegas Cheats are the list of friends available in the game.  You can share chips with them on a regular basis. This is a large friend list where some are known to you whereas other is not. This can be your Facebook friends or they can be your friends from the game. These MyVegas Cheats are based on user interface platform. To avoid any type of viruses other types of exploits, these cheats are scanned on a regular basis after you open up in the game. Here I have marked with three bullets that can guide you with our cheats;

  1. Perfect Strategy Play

If you are playing this game for fun then you don’t need any guide. For others, this is a place where one gets the guides about the game. This section not only tells you how to play but also when is the right time to play the game. This strategy guide is located just nearest to MyVegas Cheats. This helps you to earn a maximum number of loyalty points and thus will also help you to win your dream that is tripping, show or dine in. Perfect strategy guide provides you with the best angle to win at the cheats.

  1. Play with many friends

The one thing you can do is create a new account and play these games with other unknown gamers. This will not only help you to maintain a security in your profile but also you can share chips with others on a daily basis.

  1.  Facebook groups

You can join one of the Facebook pages that are created by the gamers to play MyVegas. There will be people who are well; aware of the game and can share chips with them and in return, they may provide you with links and coupon codes.

So, just log in and enjoy playing the game.

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4 thoughts on “MyVegas Cheats

  1. Hey MyVEGAS…why are there no more chip offers for Mobile on your FB page? You guys just keep getting less and less fun to play. You used to send “thanks for playing” chip emails with chips in upwards of 100K. I haven’t received one of those emails from you in like a year. I also used to receive emails with 10K chips. Now anytime I get an email it’s been lowered to 5K. You used to post chips on FB for 5K, 10K and even 15K on occasion. That was lowered to 2500 which is nothing short of a big fat joke…especially when you’re telling us to come play a jackpot game and 2500 chips can’t even get u one spin for a shot at a jackpot. Now you guys are eliminating mobile chip links on this page all together? What a joke. I’ve been a loyal player daily for the past 2 1/2 years but as you can see on my account, my play time has become less and less because your offers are worthless. Get a clue and listen to what your players are telling you. That’s what good customer service means! You guys don’t listen to anyone’s complaints on this page so why even have a FB page at all if you give ZERO value and consideration to your loyal players?

  2. It seems playing myVegas Free Chips on a cellphone is pointless which I told Support months ago. I played Pop! Slots yesterday, went up 3 levels and used ~ 100,000,000 chips but my loyalty points never changed at all! I checked my LP on my PC this morning just to see if maybe they had changed on there — they hadn’t. They only changed when I collected my strip chips/gold and only the amount I collected from the different casinos. As I asked before, what is the point of playing on my cellphone if I’m not going to acquire any LP? When can I expect to be credited with the loyalty points that I should have acquired for all the levels I have completed? I wonder how many other players are being cheated out of loyalty points?

  3. Is the current day included in the rolling 30 day redemption period calculation?

    My example is that I did 3 redemptions on 3/8. Could I now complete 3 more redemptions today on 4/7?

    –If I include the current day, the last 30 days is 3/9-4/7, meaning I could complete redemptions as 3/8 is outside the 30 day window.
    –If you can’t include the current day, the last 30 days is 3/8-4/6, meaning I could not complete redemptions as 3/8 is still part of the 30 day window.

    Thanks for the help!

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