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Hi! There are many people who would like to download latest myVegas hack to get unlimited amount of free chips, spins and a lot more freebies. That’s why we at downloaded the myVegas Slots scripts and we have created online hack which will allows you to get all of it without even downloading.

Hack Download Instructions:

Step 1 – Please click on the link below which will redirect you to the online hack generator

Step 2 – Complete all data like email or username

Step 3 – Choose amount of chips you want to get

Step 4 – Clikc GENERATE and Enjoy!


Check out video:

2 thoughts on “Download Hack

  1. I’ve noticed while playing this game that the daily chip wheel lowers the farther you get for example I was playing as a guest and the chip wheel was a hundred thousand and up I sign into my account through Fb and the wheel was dramatically lower nothing more than 50 thousand what is up with that? You’d think the farther you get In the game the rewards would be higher not lower. I think this is a scam to get people to purchase chip because we all know it’s nearly impossible to play with just 50,000 chips that’s just a few spins and boom done.

  2. Well, MyVegas. I did it. I completed the entire first Journey at all three levels. It took a couple years of playing almost every day. You can’t even imagine the disappointment and disbelief that I am experiencing when there was no recognition of this feat at the end of the Journey. Over 300 stars collected by spinning the reels tens of thousands of times, and not even a cheesy cartoon “Congratulations” at the finish line. I’m a little bit devastated.

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