MyVegas Free Chips


First of all what MyVegas is – lets answer this question. MyVegas is an app which helps you to earn real items like meals, freebies, free spins etc. at real hotels/casinos in Las Vegas or New York. It was invented for Facebook, iPhone, Android, iOS and other operation systems – both for mobile and for desktop. It is free to use but in order to get free spins you have to pay extra for the credits. This is where our websites comes with solutions.



MyVegas Slots vs MyVegas Blackjack

This game is about two version of game – slots and blackjack. You have to choose the one which suits you best and start playing. Each day you have a limited amount of chips to spend. You can visit myvegas Facebook page where from time to time they give free 5000 chips.

Free Chips Generator

As we already said – you need more chips to win prizes. We have create an online generator which allows you to crack the system and get a free spins for no cash at all. The one thing you have to do is to log in thru our system and then complete 1 simple survey ( just put your email ) to prove that you are not a robot. Once you will be completed the chips will be automatically added into your MV account. Easy as that!

Is it safe to use that software?

100% YES! We are working on a 256 SSL secured connections and always using a dedicated proxies when connecting to your account. No information are kept on our servers – you type in username and it is ready to go. It is adviced not to use this more than 1-2 per day in order to stay under radar but hey! It is better than paying real cash of chips, right?

Is it working with every operating system?

Yes we have tested this with all desktop and mobile operations systems ( windows 7, MAC, iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and more.. ) and also working with all browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. We are keeping our script up to date so you can visit our log system to get the latest updated. Remember – all our updates are free-to-use once you will download the software. We just need to verify you and this is why we want you to complete the survey ( in most cases just put your email to pass the test )

If you have more questions about myvegas 2017 then you can contact us